It has become a known truth that Longrich is committed to making life more meaningful for her members. The company has empowered countless individuals, celebrities and companies. It is established in such a way that you can earn 6-7 figure on the side while you keep your day job. An opportunity perfect for both workers, students and stay at home mothers. The current promo by the company this month is to qualify stockist registration for an automatic N 3.8 million Car Fund. And if you don’t have the capacity for that, you can still register as a regular member and earn big.

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Longrich 2020 Car Fund Promo Packages

Super Stockist

  1. 8% of all orders will be paid to you.
  2. N3.8m worth of car
  3. N1,670,000 Performance earnings within 3 weeks
  4. Life VIP Shareholder in the company
  5. Leadership position Diamond 5
  6. Yearly sponsored trip through team activities
  7. Opportunities for yearly Car Fund N3.8m, N6m, N10m,N30m,N50m
  8. Investment Capital = N40m

Senior Stockist

1. 6% commissions on all orders

  1. Diamond 4 leadership position from the company
  2. Life VIP Shareholder in the company
  3. Yearly sponsored trip through team activities
  4. Opportunities for yearly Car Fund N3.8m, N6m, N10m-N50m
  5. OEM/ODM opportunities with the company
  6. Investment capital = N 13 to 15 million naira

Junior Stockist

  1. 4% commissions from all orders
  2. Life VIP Shareholder of the company
  3. Leadership position Diamond 3
  4. Yearly sponsored trip through team activities
  5. Opportunities for yearly Car Fund N3.8m, N6m, N10m-N50m
  6. OEM/ODM opportunities with the company
  7. Investment capital = N 4-6 million naira

As a stockist, you could earn up to 700K and above monthly

Celebrities in Longrich and Incentive in Pictures

Become a Longrich partner from any level. Everyone has equal opportunity to qualify for the car fund.

Serious partners needed urgently from different parts of the world. Work from your phone, laptop or anywhere in the world.

Car Promo Duration: One Year.

Change your life with this amazing opportunity

How to Become a Member (Non Car Fund Registration)

Here are the entry levels for Longrich membership, you will be given Longrich products worth the exact amount you paid.

The Longrich Entry Levels in Nigeria

1. Vip Membership– 1680PV/  N1,400,000

Exclusive Key benefits

Earns 1% monthly global shares (sales NOT profit) from over 100 countries.

Earns 12% weekly bonuses from team’s activities.

2. Platinuim Membership – 720PV/ N 600,000 – 750,000

Exclusive Key benefits

Earns 12% weekly from team’s activities.

3. Gold Membership 240PV/ N 200,000 – 220,000

Exclusive Key benefits

Earns 10% weekly from team’s activities.

4. Silver Membership 120PV/ N 100,000 – 150,000

Exclusive Key benefits

Earns 8% weekly from team’s activities.

5. Fast Rick Pack Promo – N 43,000

Exclusive Key benefits

Earn 8,000 Naira instantly for every new referal no matter the number.

Weekly bonuses.

6. Q-Silver – N 43,000 – 45,000

Exclusive Key benefits

Products worth over N 50,000

7. Student Plan – N 14,000


Choose your preferred entry level and contact us for registration direction and assistance.

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How Longrich Business Works in Nigeria

  • When you join you get paid on products giving to you at registration stage
  • Anytime you refer or register someone in Longrich, you get paid
  • If any of your down line refers anybody, you get paid
  • Anytime your team members refer anybody, you get paid
  • Anytime you make repeat order, you get paid
  • Anytime your team member makes a repeat order, you get paid
  • When you get to or enter from Q Silver level and above, you get paid on leadership
  • You will be paid on Rankings
  • For any retail order, you get paid


What Else Do I Gain From Longrich Business

  1. Potential gain of six to seven figure weekly/monthly income to be made.
  2. Get to shares 1% of Longrich’s monthly sales turnover as a VIP member or Shareholder.
  3. A free brand new car award twice every year for deserving members
  4. Luxury vacations abroad up to 3 times yearly.(All expense paid)
  5. A 4 year Executive MBA programme at REGIS University Colorado USA
  6. Fully funded scholarship for a degree programme for you or a beneficiary of your choice to study in China
  7. Become a Star Directors and get a mansion worth $150 million courtesy Longrich. (That is forty five billion, seven hundred and fifty million naira)

Longrich has created an opportunity for everyone to live a good life even without leaving the comfort of your home. The change and improvement you most desire is in your action.