How to build wealth with Longrich awesome business model that you can operate from home, office or anywhere in the world.

It’s Established that Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is one of the most lucrative and rewarding businesses in the world today that anyone without experience can start and build wealth for themselves. Companies that offers multi level marketing opportunities have established great business model that relies on a network of distributors to grow. That is why Longrich is at the forefront, changing lives in Nigeria, Africa and the world.

You will discover how to build wealth with Longrich, either as a Stockist or Regular Member in today’s exposition.

Joining Longrich stockist is a life changing opportunity for anyone who wants to transform their financial and health status. Not only is the process of Joining Longrich in Nigeria seamless, there are also awesome compensations plans like yearly car funds for up to 30 million, fully paid foreign vacations, scholarships, house funds, etc. This ace health company that has being around for over 33 years have a variety of super good products. They are known to transform lives of all members either stockist members or regular members. 

Becoming a member of Longrich as a stockist require higher financial investment, but if you would want to join Longrich as a regular member and still get paid every week for life like stockist, click here now to get all the details on WhatsApp from other earning members.

When you join Longrich business as a stockist or regular member, you start to get payment every week for your life time. If You want other experience earning members in the program to answer all your question, click here to join WhatsApp group.

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Over the years, Longrich business has grown sporadically. The company has become one of the most sort after brand in the world. This is so because they make products that are highly efficient. Therefore leading to good success for any investor no matter how small their level of investment.

To make business and joining the programme easy, Longrich produces over  1000 рrоduсtѕ in еіght different categories. Their products categories includes hоuѕеhоld products, соѕmеtісѕ, hеаlth саrе products, furnіturе, real estate аnd logistics.

Longrich boast of оnе оf thе lаrgеѕt and mоѕt аdvаnсеd center for research and dеvеlорmеnt for the mаnufасturе and sale of cosmetics аnd hеаlth саrе рrоduсtѕ іn the world. The uniqueness of this company is in her ability to empower millions worldwide. In thе past decades, thе соmраnу hаѕ consistently maintained a leadership position in thе cosmetic іnduѕtrу in China.

Become a Longrich Authorized Stockist

What is a stockist? As a Longrich stockist you are basically a Longrich shop owner in any area. You retail only of Longrich high in demand products and get paid a percentage from products you sell aside your profit. And if you don’t have enough funds to become a stockist now, you can always join as a regular member and become a stockist later from money made by been a regular member. Click here to learn more on WhatsApp

What do you do ? 

  • 1. Retail Longrich products to Longrich members and non-members.
  • 2.Handle all Longrich new registration in your area or zone.
  • 3. Conduct members upgrade, retail, repeat or maintenance orders
  • 4. Host Longrich seminars periodically for members and potential new members in your shop.

What this means in essence is that you will be empowered to become the face or representative of Longrich International in your area. With so much potentials in the programme, you will be big time before you know it.

What are the Longrich Stockist Requirements ?

  • An investment of two million seven hundred thousand to three million (3,000,000.00 – 3, 5,000,000.00) for Junior stockist
  • An investment of between eight to nine million naira (8-9M) for senior stockist position
  • A space that can contain chairs, computer and shelves for your products and hold seminars for 20 people.
  • A Valid ID card.
  • A visible signboard

Stockist Levels

Super Stockist 

1. 8% of all orders will be paid to you.
2. N3.6m worth of car immediately given to you.
3. N1,670,000 Performance earnings within 3 weeks
4. Life VIP Shareholder in the company
5. Leadership position Diamond 5
6. At least 3 Yearly Longrich sponsored foreign trips.
7. Opportunities for yearly Car Fund N3.6m, N6m, N10m, N30m
8. Investment Capital = N40m

Senior Stockist 
1. 6% commissions on all orders
2. Diamond 4 leadership position from the company
3. Life VIP Shareholder in the company
4. At least 3 Yearly Longrich sponsored foreign trips.
5. Opportunities for yearly Car Fund N3.6m, N6m, N10m
6. OEM/ODM opportunities with the company
7. Investment capital = N13 to 15 million naira

Junior Stockist 
1. 4% commissions from all orders
2. Life VIP Shareholder of the company
3. Leadership position Diamond 3
4. Yearly sponsored foreign trips.
5. Opportunities for yearly Car Fund N3.6m, N6m, N10m
6. OEM/ODM opportunities with the company
7. Investment capital = N4-6 million naira

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What is The Money Used For?

No matter your investment stage of entry, the money invested is used to purchase products. This products will be more than the value of the money invested for your shop. You select products of your choice, it is advisable to pick all products. With our assistance, we can tell you the most search products so you know how to store in proportion.

How do people know I am in that location?

All new stockist are announced in the back office with their contact details and days of operation (members online portal). They are also added to a Longrich stockist directory which is frequently updated and forwarded to all members via their leaders/uplines. What this means is that the company advertise you to all her members who will contact you to start buying immediately. This is Longrich brilliant programme to establish her presence in every nooks and crannies and make sound health available to everyone.

How much can I earn?

Every Longrich product is assigned a numerical value called Point Value (PVs). Longrich pays you a certain percentage of the total PVs done in your shop every month without fail.

What is the earning percentage?

  1. Junior stockist earns 4% of the total PVs sold.
  2. Senior stockist earns 6% of the total PVs sold.
  3. Super Stockist earns 8% of the total PVs sold.

E.g. If you sell a total of 10000 PVs in a month as a senior stockist (with 6% stockist bonus) your earnings will amount to:

0.06x 50000pv  = $3,000
(Longrich official dollar exchange rate is N200)
=N600,000.(commission ) aside profit.

The more volume of sales the bigger your earnings and Longrich products are very high in demand because they are super effective .

At any time, your invested money is Still intact.

What are the advantages of being a Longrich stockist?

  • You instantly become a diamond 3 Leader when you start as a Junior stockist.
  • You instantly become a Diamond 4 Leader when you start as a senior stockist .
  • As an investment you get 4%- 6% ROI monthly on the volume of sales done for the month as against fixed deposit and bonds. This excludes your weekly bonuses if you are also doing the referral business. (referral comes with awesome financial earnings)
  • You are in an advantageous position to get “walk in leads/customers” which you can convert and sponsor to become members.
  • PVs generated from investing as a stockist counts for
  • Rank advancement,
    1. Car Promo and
    2. All expense paid trip promos.
  • With assistant from your team leaders, you will be well placed to earn a one time weekly bonus from your stockist investment which amounts to 6-figures.
  • As a Longrich distributor becoming a stockist gives your Longrich business serious boost, you grow up the ranks faster.

Must i invest more money after setup to get paid monthly?

No! But as the demand for products will naturally grow, you may need to increase your stock to meet up with demand at your discretion. And the more sales, the more commission you receive monthly. To get all your questions answered and be guided on how to start seamlessly, click here to join the WhtasApp group now.

How does Longrich track all my earnings monthly?

  • There is an app which will be installed on your system to log in every product bought from your shop by members. The simple but effective software tracks every product sold by your shop.
  • Longrich gives every stockist a POS machine with your code programmed to it. This also tracks your sales aswell.
  • Every product sold is replaced by Longrich the week after the sales to keep your shop full at all time. You will always have goods in your shop to the value of your investment.

Are there sales target to achieve?

Yes! A weekly sales target of 3000PVs and 10000PVs monthly target. Targeting is no longer compulsory in Nigeria due to the economic situation.

Is there training for Longrich stockist members?

Yes. You will be trained by a fellow stockist before you start your business.
There is a support system in place to assist at any time.

Do Longrch stockist get promos and incentives specific to stockist?

Yes, they do. The company runs cash incentives & gifts to encourage stockist.

How do i get started and become a Longrich Stockist?

  • Get the form, fill it and attached all required documents.
  • Get a diamond 6 leader in your team to sign for you as guarantor.
  • Make a deposit into Longrich account below
  1. Account Name: Longliqi int’l Nig. Ltd
  2. Account Number: 1012908177
  3. Bank: Zenith Bank


Do not give any one money to anyone when registering to become a Longrich stockist. You make payment to the account above. We will provide you with all the information you need in the WhatsApp group where other members will answer all your questions. Click Here to Join The Group Now

Where do I pick up my products?

Longrich warehouses are located in Port Harcout, Asaba, Lekki Phase1, Ikeja and Abuja.

Important Stockist Benefit Details

  • Longrich will sponsor a mega seminar in your chosen location to flag off your Stockist Opening, it covers light refreshment.
  • Your stockist investment is a one-off investment for a lifetime earnings
  • You take products of your choice for the exact amount you are investing . Meaning that apart from getting your money back in products, you will not be buying soap, cream, toothpaste, calcium, vitamin c, etc from the market again.
  • You make high commissions from sales while Longrich replenishes your stock a week after sales without further investment.
  • You earn big time as a distributor and as a Stockist. (Payment is made directly into your account)
  • Become a lifetime partner of one of the biggest multinationals in the world.
  • By making this investment, you have already started your journey to winning one of the 4 categories of car incentives worth 5M, 10M, 20M and 30M.
  • Your Longrich business is always there for you. No targets, no wiping of points. You grow at your own pace.
  • Gain access to the best supplements you can use to help people with different health challenges like arthritis, infertility, low libido, skin infection, poor eye sight, tooth ache and mouth odour, high bp, low bp, stubborn infections and much more.

I want to register now

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How to Become a Regular Member

Here are the entry levels for Longrich regular membership if you don’t have enough funds to join the business as a stockist. You will be given Longrich products worth the exact amount you paid.

The Longrich Entry Levels in Nigeria

1. Vip Membership– 1680PV/  N1,400,000

Exclusive Key benefits

Earns 1% monthly global shares (sales NOT profit) from over 100 countries.

Earns 12% weekly bonuses from team’s activities.

2. Platinuim Membership – 720PV/ N 600,000 – 750,000

Exclusive Key benefits

Earns 12% weekly from team’s activities.

3. Gold Membership 240PV/ N 200,000 – 220,000

Exclusive Key benefits

Earns 10% weekly from team’s activities.

4. Silver Membership 120PV/ N 100,000 – 150,000

Exclusive Key benefits

Earns 8% weekly from team’s activities.

5. Fast Rick Pack Promo – N 43,000

Exclusive Key benefits

Earn 8,000 Naira instantly for every new referal no matter the number.

Weekly bonuses.

6. Q-Silver – N 43,000 – 45,000

Exclusive Key benefits

Products worth over N 50,000

7. Student Plan – N 14,000


Choose your preferred entry level contact us for registration direction and assistance.

Compensation And Celebrities in Longrich Nigeria

Below is the Exact Way How Longrich Regular Membership Work in Nigeria

  • When you join you get paid on products giving to you at registration stage
  • Anytime you refer or register someone in Longrich, you get paid
  • If any of your down line refers anybody, you get paid
  • Anytime your team members refer anybody, you get paid
  • Anytime you make repeat order, you get paid
  • Anytime your team member makes a repeat order, you get paid
  • When you get to or enter from Q Silver level and above, you get paid on leadership
  • You will be paid on Rankings
  • For any retail order, you get paid


What Else Do I Gain From Longrich Business Plan
  1. Potential gain of six to seven figure weekly income to be made.
  2. Get to shares 1% of Longrich’s monthly sales turnover as a VIP member or Shareholder.
  3. A free brand new car award twice every year for deserving members
  4. Luxury vacations abroad up to 3 times yearly.(All expense paid)
  5. A 4 year Executive MBA programme at REGIS University Colorado USA
  6. Fully funded scholarship for a degree programme for you or a beneficiary of your choice to study in China
  7. Become a Star Directors and get a mansion worth $150 million courtesy Longrich. (That is forty five billion, seven hundred and fifty million naira)

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