Amazing Discovery: How to Beat Infertility And Get Pregnant Fast Naturally Without Any Side Effect (Longrich Mengqian Suppliment)


I hope this message finds you well and in good health!

Are you looking for a safe way to get pregnant in 2020?

Are you tired of people smilling to your face and mocking you behind your back because you don’t have a child yet?

Are you tired of praying and praying without any answer in view yet?

Are you worried that your Husband might take up another Woman to help him bear a child?

 If you answered YES to any of the questions, then I need you to calm down, because this is the answer you have been looking for.

My name is Victoria, I’m about to reveal to you a powerful supplement that can produce results. I’m not trying to exagerrate or blow things out of proportion, ” it is what it is!”Listen, I’ve been in this same shoes you are wearing right now.

I know what it feels like not having a child! You see, the period where I couldn’t have a child was the period where I actually discovered my real friends. The direct and subtle spite were so frustrating. 

Like how can someone in his/her right senses make such utterances? At a point some started sounding like I was the cause, someone said only God knows how many abortions I had when I was much younger. 

You know, everyone has a tolerance point and we can only bear certain things to an extent! Mine was when my sister in law rebuked me very harshly for correcting her child. Not that i even spank the child. The way she insulted me and asked me to go have my own children in front of everybody including my husband in the family house was so painful. Not even one person stood up for me. 

All i could do was cry. And with no one to console me, God planted a seed of faith in my heart that he has done all things well. And that i need to know what to do.


That was the day I decided I was not going to see myself less because i don’t have a child, let God have his way. But i knew i had to do some research and look for answers to my prayers. It was one of those days while I was looking through my Whatsapp status that I saw an aquitance of mine post a testimonial about a couple who had been looking for a baby for more than 7 years and the Woman got pregnant by using a particular supplement.


I was a bit skeptical but since this was coming from someone I held to a very high esteem, I requested for more information. She was more than willing to share and apologized for not remebering me when she knew about the product.

With what i have seen because of this, i placed an order instantly for this amazing product. I was instructed to take 4 capsules daily; it had 160 capsules in it. So it was meant to last for one month and 10 days or there about. I was committed to taking the supplements because I knew how badly I needed a CHILD!


The first 10 days of using this supplement started making me look lighter, fresher and cooler. I discovered that the supplement had some kind of cooling effect and I stopped being anxious about having a child. So I took it for the first 30 days and I hadn’t taken in.


I continued till I finished the first cup. I chated my now new best friend and I told her I hadn’t taken in. She adviced me to go for another cup and that I shouldn’t worry myself. So I told her argh see, if this thing doesn’t work you go refund my money oh!

It was on the third week of the following month (February 15th) that I discovered I hadn’t seen my period when I was supposed to see it. But I felt it was stress and all, so I kept on taking this supplement judiciously!


I still hadn’t seen my period, I decided to use the “pregnancy strip” to check, lo and behold I was pregnant. I wanted to be double sure so I went to run a test and my dear Sister, I was confirmed pregnant. If you see the “pepper dem gowns that followed” No go there joor.

I couldn’t contain myself! I had to quickly send a snapshot of the result to my friend who sold the product to me. I’m pregnant I exclaimed! Thank you so much for helping me. I owe you a lot oh I continued.

If you see the way my husband leaped for joy when i told him.

With the coming of our twin babies, we became the pride and jewels of my husband. You might have tried many products but this product was the reason a became a mother and a partner in this company. No one can deny the proves.

Here is the details of the product that Victoria used, and may do the exact thing for you.

Product Details: From Authorized Longrich Stockist

MENQGIAN – LONGRICH FEMALE FERTILITY SUPPLEMENT Is a Fertility Supplement that is perfect for correcting and treating fertility problems in women.


  • Improving look (removes Chloasma) and posting Senility.
  • Effective in treating skin disease and Arthritis.
  • Effective in the treatment of Epilepsy and Paralysis.
  • Effective in the treatment of Down Syndrome.
  • Corrects Hormonal changes caused by Liver Disease or use of oral contraceptives.
  • It Provides Amino Acids, Mucopoly Saccharides, VITB and an array of minerals which include Calcium, Cinc Iron, Strontium, Copper, Senelium, Silicon and Titanium.
  • It regulates melanin production which helps clear patches and lightens uneven skin tone.
  • Helps to reduce pimples to promote healthy complexion.
  • Cools the liver, improving well being and energy.
  • Detoxify the system, clean and clear the skin and make woman look younger (anti -aging).
  • Reduces stress from mind, treats sore throat

Product Current Cost: N16,870


The fertility product is not available in large quantities right now, we only have few left from our last consignment.

Mengqian also corrects:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Irregular Menstruation
  • Serves as a detoxificant: It flushes out the excess toxins from your body
  • Adjusts nerve system, regulates metabolism.
  • Improves eye sight and treats Insomnia.

and lots more….

Libao: Male Booster

BENEFITS OF LIBAO – Fertility Supplement For Men

  • This Products is Fertility Supplement for Men
  • This products is specially formulated for men to improve sperm count
  • Helps to prevent sperm aging in Men
  • Increases sexual performance
  • Ideal for men with quick tiring body
  • Eliminate Fatigue
  • Improves Sleep
  • Strengthens the immune system and activities of sperm
  • Improves the functioning of the Male reproductive system in all ramification
  • Slow down aging and weakening of the body which ensures good health and longevity
  • This products is also used to treat impotence, Kidney disease, chronic inflammation of the Testicles
  • Helps in the treatment of down syndrome
  •  Corrects and treats fertility problem in Men
  • Can penetrate the Bones to expel pathogenic wind
  • A must for men optimal Health

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